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Gateway Arts Artist Awarded Certificate

mary-decesar-receiving-certificate-at-ddsVinfen’s Gateway Arts artist Mary DeCesar was recently awarded a certificate of appreciation for her artistic talent by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Commissioner Elin Howe. Commissioner Howe was very impressed by Mary’s artistic talents and her flourishing art career at Gateway Arts through career-advancing programs such as Up the Ladder.

On July 2, Mary was welcomed by DSS Deputy Commissioner Larry Tummino, DDS staff member Bernadette Davis, President and CEO of the Association of Developmental Disabilities Providers Gary Blumenthal, and other executives at the DDS offices in Boston. She was also greeted by her painting which was previously exhibited at Barney’s NY in Copley and was now prominently placed at the entrance of DDS. For the next hour, Mary recounted her exciting life, her career as an artist, and her path toward greater independence in front of an audience that hung on to Mary’s every word. Mary thoroughly enjoyed the event and proclaimed it was even better than going to Disney World.

Mary is one of the many artists at Gateway Arts who are cultivating their careers as artists. You can view Mary DeCesar’s artwork and other artists’ work on Gateway Arts’ website.