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art-connection-studio-muralVinfen Connecticut’s Art Connection Studio was featured on Connecticut Public Broadcasting’s WNPR News. The article, Artists Thrive at Therapeutic Hartford Studio, captures the essence of the studio’s innovative approach as a vocational arts program. The studio welcomes people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and psychiatric conditions to not only explore and express themselves through the medium of art but learn career skills to become independent, working artists. “I have learned about selling artwork and getting a paycheck. I feel confident,” states long-time Art Connection Studio Artist Daniel Fiorentino.

The article also discusses Art Connection Studio’s latest exhibit, Cityscapes: Uncommon and Familiar Beauty, which opens Friday, September 26.  The exhibition’s signature piece entitled, “The Hartbeat,” is a mural representing Hartford skyline and is a collaborative piece by the artists.

For more information about Art Connection Studio, call 860-236-0705, email, or visit our website at