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Vinfen’s CSRLC Community Celebration

CSRLCVinfen’s Cambridge/Somerville Recovery Learning Center (CSRLC) will be hosting its Community Celebration on Friday, April 24, 2015 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. We welcome all to join us to see our thriving center and meet our community.

Vinfen’s CSRLC is part of the MetroBoston Recovery Learning Community (MBRLC), peer-run centers where people in recovery are helping others to recover from mental health conditions. We promote and foster an interdependent community where members can participate in groups that focus on recovery and wellness.

At the CSRLC, there are many pathways that members may choose to take, working toward their personal recovery. People may choose to join NAMI Connections, a support group where people can receive specific feedback from other members on their life’s situations and challenges or people could join a WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plans) group, where people can learn how to make a plan to stay well and how to make a plan when life’s challenges become demanding.

Perhaps people want to focus on their physical health and wellness through cooking healthy, nutritious meals together. CSRLC just recently partnered with Food for Free, an organization that delivers fresh fruits and vegetables to non-profit organizations, specifically catered towards low-income individuals. So not only can members join in cooking groups – they can also have access to free nutritious food that they can take home.

If people want to get more active, they can join in walking groups, Wii simulated activities such as baseball or tennis, or yoga classes that combine both movement and relaxation. Our certified yoga instructors guide us on how to strengthen our core, stretch our muscles, and manage stress in better ways through meditation.

CSRLC encourages hope and provides a supportive community for people who may be feeling lonely or isolated. All of these groups provide a safe and healing environment for recovery and growth. We have recently begun to plan social outings with people as well, empowering them to be part of the organizing process, as well as teaching them the discipline to save their own money. Activities have included cultural celebrations such as Chinese New Year, and outings including Walden Pond, North End, George’s Island, and Amesbury Sports Park for Snow Tubing.

No matter what pathway a person may choose, each group and activity is a step where people can grow and regain a balanced life. Our hope and goal at the CSRLC always is that people will grow beyond RLC’s to embrace a full life of living a successful and satisfied future – living, working, learning, and socializing-fully integrated in the community.

Since CSRLC’s inception in 2009, many of our members have moved on to school or employment:

People have taken classes in a variety of disciplines such as peer specialist classes, auto mechanics, or accounting. People have obtained jobs in a variety of fields such as peer specialist roles, retail jobs, security officer, and most recently office manager. Members reach out to the CSRLC after transitioning to work – they like to stay in touch and give updates on how well they are doing.

RLC’s are living proof that recovery happens; Recovery is Real!

If you would like to attend the Community Celebration, please RSVP by April 17, 2015. Space is limited. Call or email me at 617-863-5388 or We hope to see you there!