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Clubhouse Member Pamela Martin Publishes Her First Book

Author_Pamela_MartinPlymouth Bay Clubhouse Member Pamela Martin has recently had her children’s book, Watermelon With Wesley, published. The book is written and illustrated by Pamela and is about Wesley and his friends enjoying watermelon – an unusual snack in the arctic circle. Pamela had always wanted to be an author and had already written this and another story, but her dreams to complete these books and have them published were on hold due to prior health concerns. Last year, when she mentioned her aspirations to once again become an author, the Clubhouse encouraged her to do so. Pamela worked on the Clubhouse computers and the staff helped her learn the publishing and design software. “I learned a lot,” she said. Pamela then spent the winter formatting the book at the Clubhouse. Staff and members also offered to assist with editing her story. “There was always somebody to help when they could,” noted Pamela.

With the Clubhouse’s support, Pamela was able to take charge of her goal by completing and publishing her book. “It’s always been a dream to be able to do this work,” said Pamela. “To have a computer to work on – this saved me. The resources here brought me over the last hurdle. It’s a big relief. I feel more a part of the community. I feel I’m contributing. I’m an example that you can do it. I have multiple disabilities and am a single parent. It can be very draining. This gives me a chance to celebrate my accomplishments.”

The Clubhouse is excited for Pamela’s achievements. “Pamela is highly motivated, self-directed, and an inspiration to Plymouth Bay House members and staff,” said Clubhouse Counselor Andrew Wilson. “Although she received some assistance from Plymouth Bay Clubhouse staff, Pamela – essentially – did all of the work herself, designing, and laying out her book in a desktop publishing program, inserting her artwork, and preparing the book for publishing.”

Even before the book-making process, Pamela has been quite busy at the Clubhouse with participating and organizing various groups and activities at the Clubhouse. “Pamela is one of those members who make our Clubhouse work. She spearheaded the planning of our vegetable garden, and participates in planning for sowing in the spring, maintaining the garden, and harvesting. The community benefits from the fresh vegetables our garden yields.”

Pamela has no plans to slow down. She is currently promoting her book by making postcard advertisements and visiting local bookstores with the Clubhouse’s support. She is also creating the illustrations for her next book, starting a writing group at the Clubhouse, and searching for writing employment opportunities. Pamela stays focused by creating artwork at the Clubhouse. “Even when I’m not working on the book, I’m working on art. If I have anxiety, painting a picture makes a world of a difference,” said Pamela.

You can purchase Pamela’s book on Amazon.