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Vinfen’s Position on President’s Trump Executive Order on Immigration

Bruce BirdLast week our country, our state, and our organization were all thrown into turmoil by President Trump’s Executive Order limiting immigration and travel to the United States by individuals from certain countries.

My personal response to this chilling edict was visceral. What’s next I thought, taking down the Statue of Liberty?

While we all should support prudent measures to secure our country’s borders, this certainly does not seem to be the right course of action, and it has provoked waves of anxiety throughout the large and critically important immigrant community.

As I suspect most of you who will read this are aware, the Community Health and Human Services workforce has a significant number of people working with us who were born in other countries; many whom are here on green cards or other work permits. At Vinfen, our percentages are similar to those of other Commonwealth providers, as mentioned in a letter by Governor Baker to the new Administration in Washington. And we are not the only sector of the economy which has expressed deep concerns – including the Medical and Technology sectors here in Boston.

I have heard from our staff how this Order has caused them to worry about their status here in the United States. Unfortunately, throughout the history of the US, there have been waves of immigrant intolerance, which have always receded as the positive aspects of a diversified community have become recognized. This too will pass, and we will stand together with those who recognize this and will take action to support the values on which this country has been built.

We join with our provider Associations in congratulating Governor Baker, Attorney General Healey, and Mayors such as Marty Walsh of Boston, Joseph Curtatone of Somerville, and E. Denise Simmons of Cambridge in expressing strong support for our immigrant community and workforce.

If you are a Vinfen staff who has immigrated to the United States, please know that Vinfen and many organizations are standing up to support you. And if you are concerned about your situation, or if you become aware that any of our staff are worried about the possible impact of this Order on their status, please talk to your manager or contact our Human Resources Department.