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Director of Recovery Lisa Berger Featured in Museum of Science Exhibit

Vinfen Director of Recovery Services Lisa Berger is currently being featured in an exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston titled, Many Faces of our Mental Health. The exhibit shines a light on common misconceptions about mental health through paintings, photographs, sculptures, and videos inspired by current scientific knowledge.

Lisa’s portrait was one of 99 individuals’ portraits featured in the exhibit. The 99 people consisted of 33 people who have experienced symptoms of schizophrenia, 33 people who have experienced symptoms of bipolar disorder, and 33 people who love them, all unidentified. The 99 Faces images were courtesy of Paul Foley, Louise Michaud, Frank Caliri, and Michael Ciesielski.

Others featured in the exhibit included Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Behavioral Health Medical Director Ken Duckworth, Actress Glenn Close, Bestselling Author and Journalist Pete Earley, and Michael and Kitty Dukakis.

“When ‘Many Faces of Mental Health’ was called ‘99 Faces,’ I was the first person to be photographed for the project. Years later, I became involved again; this time, with my fiance, now husband.  We saw our photo as a keepsake because it was taken one year before we married,” Lisa said. “Seeing the exhibit recently at the Museum of Science was thrilling. I am honored to be alongside so many advocates and fighters. In particular, I enjoyed seeing the picture of my mentor, Ken Duckworth, the person who first connected me with Vinfen and all the wonderful people here.”

Funding for this exhibit was provided in part by the Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Foundation, Sidney A. Swensrud Foundation, Barbara Scolnick, and NAMI Cape Ann.