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Meet Vinny. You gave him a family.

“My life took an upward spin when I started with Vinfen. It’s a step up in my life. They’ll help you get back onto your feet and back into society.”

Vinny’s holidays won’t be traditional, but with the support of his Vinfen family, they will be special. He won’t be spending time or sharing a big meal with relatives, but Vinny is quick to point out that he has two families at Vinfen to help make the holidays joyful for him.

Vinny used to be homeless, but now lives in a warm and friendly residence with five other adults in Boston. He describes his housemates, some of whom he has known for ten years, as his first family. Five days a week, he and his housemates take a 30-minute bus ride to a Vinfen Clubhouse, where his second family can be found.

Social connections are important for Vinny. A Clubhouse member for 23 years, he cherishes the connections he’s made and his community of friends. “I know everybody at the Club,” Vinny said.

The Clubhouse is a natural fit for Vinny and he is a long-time contributor who helps in the kitchen, manages the coffee shop, runs morning meetings, and writes for the newsletter. He is often asked to give tours, show people around, and make introductions.  Vinny appreciates the routine. “It gets you out of the house. You can go, and there’s always someone to talk to if you’re having a problem. They’re there to help you, if you need help. And you meet nice people.”

Some of Vinny’s favorite memories are with his Clubhouse family, including a visit to Cape Cod with trips to the beach and the movies. “That was really fun! Pack up a suitcase and have a retreat!” He also enjoys the local trips to destinations such as the JFK Museum and Revere Beach.

Meal times are important to Vinny and because they offer the chance to socialize while preparing food. The residents in his home go shopping together and take turns preparing meals that feature roast beef, lamb, turkey, and steak. He laughs, “We eat pretty good!” Vinny plans to spend the holidays at Webster House and is looking forward to the special meals prepared and shared by staff and members. In his usual style, Vinny will be pitching in and enjoying the day with his Vinfen family.

This holiday season, you can show your support for people like Vinny.

Your gift of $25, $50, $100, or more will place a gift directly in the hands of those here at Vinfen who do not have the family or personal means to make the holidays special.

This year marks Vinfen’s 25th year of making the holidays hopeful with our Holiday Giving Program. In honor of our anniversary, we have set a fundraising goal of $25,000. We hope you will help us meet it.

Happy Holidays. Thank you for transforming lives together with Vinfen.