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Donating Your Unused Vehicle to Vinfen

This past fall, Mary Anne Lord and her husband were looking to do some downsizing, including their 2004 Camry which was beginning to need a lot of work. Fortunately for us, an issue of our newletter, the Vinfen VOICE, had just arrived in their mailbox.

Among the articles was one about ways in which people can donate their unused vehicle to Vinfen and receive a tax incentive. For Mary Anne and her husband, the decision to donate was easy. Her brother has been receiving services at Vinfen since the 1980s. He now lives in a residential home.

“Vinfen has been good to him,” states Mary Anne. She found the donation process to be very simple. “I called the number listed in the article and a tow-truck came out to our house and took the vehicle away.”

After the vehicle was sold at auction, we contacted Mary Anne to see how she would like the funds to be used. Speaking highly of the program that her brother attends, she asked if they could use the gift at the program. She noted that staff “go above and beyond” and are very compassionate and understanding.

Staff at the residential program were delighted to receive such a generous donation and decided that the funds would be used to purchase new furniture for the residence. Mary Anne’s brother has a favorite recliner in his room and staff thought that other residents might enjoy similar comforts in the home’s common areas.

We are so grateful to Mary Anne and her husband for thinking of Vinfen. If you are interested in donating your vehicle, call 877-999-8322 or and select Vinfen as the recipient of your donation.