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What it means to be a Nurse at Vinfen

For nearly ten years, I have been happy and grateful for the privilege of serving as the Director of Nursing at Vinfen.  I have witnessed our mission of transforming lives by building the capacity of individuals each and every day. I recently had the opportunity to ask our nurses a few questions to provide a glimpse into the heart and soul of Vinfen. The responses were overwhelmingly heartfelt and reflect the magnitude of professionalism, compassion, and competency of our team.

What makes Vinfen different from other places you have worked?

  • “The balance between autonomy and a team approach is perfect.”
  • “Nurses are recognized for the work we do.”
  • “Vinfen is unique in comparison to other agencies. Our professionalism is outstanding.”
  • “Our nursing department offers nurses incredible respect, the ability to learn and grow in their areas of expertise.”
  • “We are encouraged to share our thoughts and ideas.”
  • “When we need guidance, we lean on one another like family.”
  • “We get to really know the people we serve and their care team and that makes a difference in the care provided.”
  • “I have never worked at a job where I said to myself, I could do this for the rest of my career until I came to work for Vinfen!”
  • “I am able to multitask and not limited to a specific duty”.

What do you like best about your career at Vinfen?

  • “I have independence and everyday is different, but the team approach is incredible.”
  • “Nursing at Vinfen is not limited to traditional nursing. Sometimes assessment and support can be provided over a cup of coffee, nutrition can be taught while grocery shopping, or taking a drive listening to rock and roll can open people up to talk about concerns, fears and goals.”
  • “The bonds you are able to create as a nurse at Vinfen are amazing.”
  • “I am truly appreciated and blessed to work here.”
  • “Bearing witness to people achieving milestones as they work toward their physical and mental health goals. It is the ultimate gift of nursing.”

What give you job satisfaction as a nurse at Vinfen?

  • “I am able to provide the people I serve with the skills and supports to stay as independent as possible; with a keen focus on recovery, physically, emotionally and mentally.”
  • “There is always something new to learn, see, do and teach.”
  • “I am greatly appreciated across settings. My coworkers, nursing leadership, and our funding sources.”
  • “Because my opinion counts.”
  • “I love the nurses I work with.”
  • “I am able to bring a smile to someone’s face each and every day, the smile exchange, I feel I personally make a difference.”
  • “I am humbled everyday at work as these folks allow me into their lives…the people I serve have transformed my life!”
  • “Being able to introduce healthcare in a casual manner that promotes trust.”

Please share a story where you personally were helpful in transforming a life. Bragging rights welcomed!

  • “Over this last year, helping to get a brittle diabetic person’s A1C and weight within normal limits and now he is proud, healthier, and happy to be noninsulin dependent.”
  • “I was personally involved in providing the best end of life care in the comfort of her home.”
  • “Several people I serve have had significant reductions in number of hospital days, both medical and psychiatric. I think this is reflective of the team’s communication process, trainings, and unfailing support and advocacy combined with resiliency of the people we serve.”

Come join our exceptional nursing team and see for yourself why our mission states: as a human services leader, we strive to be the provider, employer, and partner of choice.

Whether you are looking to start a career in health and human services or you are looking to continue to make an impact we invite you to join our extraordinary team. Vinfen is hiring for a variety of exciting and meaningful positions that will not only keep you engaged but offer a rich, rewarding experience.

Visit our Job Openings page to start your search and apply for a new opportunity in Massachusetts or Connecticut.