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Vinfen Wins Cambridge Redevelopment Authority Infrastructure Grant

Vinfen is proud to announce that we were named one of the winners of the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority’s (CRA) 2018 Forward Fund Community Infrastructure Capital Grant. Each year, the CRA awards this grant to organizations in Cambridge seeking funding for a physical improvement project that benefits the community at large.

Vinfen Director of Communications and Development Erin Tighe and Development and Special Events Coordinator Alex Yellin attended the CRA’s Monthly Board Meeting on May 10 at the Cambridge Police Headquarters to accept the grant and express Vinfen’s appreciation.

“People with mental illness and intellectual and developmental disabilities face a great deal of prejudice and discrimination. This project serves as a platform to showcase the people we serve in a positive light,” Alex said when addressing the Board.

Funding from the grant allows Vinfen to enhance the façade of our central headquarters in Cambridge. The street-facing windows now feature six large decals of Vinfen staff and persons served, with descriptions of the services we provide to individuals, their families, and their communities.

The project seeks to provide cohesion with the beautiful surrounding neighborhood of East Cambridge. But more importantly, it aims to dispel the prejudice people in our services often face.

“This project is important because it highlights the diversity, creativity, and strength of the individuals in our services and our workforce. We are thrilled to count the CRA as a partner in promoting social equity and reducing stigma in our Cambridge community,” said Vinfen Development and Special Events Manager Ann Bausman. “We hope that the overall message to our neighbors is one of inclusiveness, belonging, and pride.”

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