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Working Toward a Dream with Dough

Daniel mixing ingredients to bakeDaniel’s lifelong dreams are to become a baker and to have his own bakery. He lights up whenever he discusses his favorite baked goods, and he has made drawings of his future bakery. His passion stems from his fond memories and love of his late mother. “I used to bake with my mother when I was younger,” recounted Daniel. “Baking makes me feel close to her.”

“I was so moved when he told me why he bakes, because baking is a way he honors her memory,” noted Job Developer Sage Elbot.

With the support of Sage and fellow staff, Daniel is working toward his goals. At Vinfen’s Employment Training Center, he has been practicing and perfecting many delicious recipes. And last year, when he applied to work as a dishwasher at Wegmans, he voiced his dreams to become a baker. The hiring manager said if Daniel put in the time and effort, he might be able to later pick up shifts at the bakery. Once hired, Daniel worked hard to memorize his commute on public transportation, the layout of the dish room, and how to operate all the equipment. Daniel’s supervisor has been very impressed and sees Daniel in the future being cross-trained in the bakery department.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to watch Daniel quickly thrive in his new work environment,” said Sage. “His supervisor said Daniel comes to work every day with a smile on his face and that his fellow employees value him as part of their team. It’s wonderful that Wegmans recognizes Daniel’s dedication and is actively supporting his dream to become a baker.”