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Plymouth Bay Clubhouse Members Enjoy Yoga

At Plymouth Bay Clubhouse, many members have found yoga to be a beneficial practice in their health and wellness. Open Doors Yoga Studio instructor Meg Garfield originally taught the members through a grant-funded program. And thanks to the generous support of NAMI Plymouth and the Massachusetts Charitable Society, members have returned to their yoga practice. Meg started working with Clubhouse members three years ago and some members have been doing yoga with her from the very beginning.

Clubhouse staff noticed that members are more confident and positive after their classes. Originally Meg was focused on the different yoga poses, but she’s now finding that the members clearly enjoy and benefit from meditation. They are open to sharing how they feel and what they hope to get out of the class. Over time Meg has seen them learning to relax and leaving the outside world behind. One member remarked, “Meg really takes her time with us. We do a big meditation piece that makes me feel good!”

Meg also noticed that the participants were forming a cohesive and supportive group. When one individual had problems with transportation to a studio class, those who drove were quick to offer a ride.

Meg sums it up best, “It’s been very powerful.”