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Celebrating Life through Zumba

Members from Vinfen’s Webster House attended in the Roslindale Farmers Market Wellness Series on Saturday, September 8 in Adams Park.

Having taught Zumba for over 30 years in the Boston area, Clubhouse member Denise led the lively, hour-long class.  She had ten participants, from adults to little kids, dancing and enjoying themselves during the exercise fitness session. Denise just recently got re-certified as a Zumba instructor this past January. She likes to watch Zumba DVDs to stay current on moves as an instructor. “It’s my passion. I love teaching Zumba,” Denise said as she remarked on her love for Zumba and that way it makes her feel. “It’s a good energy, I’ve been doing it all my life.”

Denise is currently the instructor for a weekly Zumba class, one of the member led initiatives at Webster House. Many individuals Vinfen serves join in on the fun each week. Even the Webster House staff participate in the class on occasion. Denise shared that one woman who attends her classes on a regular basis said to her recently  “I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” This is just a testimonial to Denise’s talents that she shares with the Webster House community.  Webster House Program Director Maggie Mahoney said, “it doesn’t matter where you are, Denise is so encouraging of everybody. It’s awesome.”