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Developing the Next Generation of Leaders in Massachusetts

Vinfen’s Home Health Program Manager Kristi Taylor was accepted into the 2018 to 2019 cohort for the Massachusetts Institute for Community Health Leadership (MICHL). The institute’s mission is to develop the next generation of leaders in Massachusetts who are able to address both challenges and opportunities in community-based low-income and uninsured health care.

Vinfen’s Director of Integrated Care and Innovation Elizabeth Cella said, “The MICHL selects a diverse group of participants to ensure clinicians, health policy makers, health advocates, and community health program managers are well represented.  We are thrilled that Kristi has been selected this year because of her expertise in directing new initiatives to address the health disparities the people we work with often face. Vinfen values the development of our leadership workforce, and we are eager to further enhance our influence as a leading organization in community health.”

MICHL members are able to participate in leadership development with other professionals that are experiencing many of the same work dynamics and obstacles, have access to proficient faculty who are dedicated to helping participants help their organizations, and are immersed in a culture of collaboration, learning, and implementing change in the health care industry.

The Curriculum includes an 18 day educational program that takes 9 months to complete. Participants are given classroom work, have opportunities for peer-to-peer discussions, and develop a project that provides a solution to a current health care challenge that continues to effect those of low income and who are uninsured. “Being a leader in the U.S. in the 21st century means understanding the impact of structural and institutional racism on health, health care and public health,” said Michael McCormack, Deputy Director of Leadership at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, who leads the MICHL program for the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation.

After completing the application process and receiving the good news of her acceptance, Kristi said “I am so excited about the possibilities this program will offer for self development along with the information and ideas I will be able to bring back to Vinfen.”

Kristi is among 18 individuals who were accepted into the institute this year. Her peers include individuals from Boston Children’s Hospital, AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod, Cambridge Public Health Department, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and other organizations who work with a diverse array of populations in the state of Massachusetts. This year marks the 10th cohort since the Institute was created in 2006, having more than 160 graduates to date. Fellow alum from the institute includes Representative Denise Garlick, who was the most recent recipient of the Public Official of the Year award at the 11th Annual Celebration of Family Partnerships this past October.