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Recovery is Possible. Recovery is Real.

On October 29, Frank, a member at Vinfen’s Atlantic Clubhouse, received his 29 years of sobriety medallion. The medallion presentation took place at the Quincy Congregational Church during the weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that Frank attends on a regular basis. Frank asked Atlantic Clubhouse Program Director Janette Tibets if she would present his medallion to him. Janette happily accepted the request.

Janette is so proud of Frank and his journey of recovery. “I have known Frank for 8 years and in that time I have seen him make so many positive changes in his life and in doing so influenced the lives of many others,” Janette shared. “It was awesome to be invited to the meeting and truly an honor to be able to present Frank with his 29 medallion.”

During the meeting, several people spoke about how Frank has influenced their lives over the years they have known him. Frank extended his appreciation to his peers for all the support he has received over the years through his AA meetings.

When accepting the medallion, Frank said, “I attribute my progress to my relationship with my higher power, my commitment to AA, and to all the support and encouragement I have received over the years from Vinfen and the Atlantic Clubhouse.” Frank also thanked Janette for giving him the opportunity to lead one of Atlantic Clubhouse’s Dual Recovery Anonymous (DRA) groups. “Thank you for believing in me and providing me the opportunity to facilitate a weekly DRA group at the Clubhouse,” he said. “Because of you I am able to give back to others who struggle with mental illness and substance abuse.”