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Celebrate the season with Evelyn

Evelyn spent many years of her life in a nursing home. “Too many,” she says. Evelyn is a caring and social person who loves being surrounded by others. Without family or close friends nearby, Evelyn was often lonely and rarely left the care facility except for medical appointments. This routine was all she knew.

Then, Evelyn moved to a Vinfen supported residence. “It’s much better,” Evelyn explained. Initially anxious about the move, multiple visits from staff helped her to be open to the transition and develop trust in Vinfen. “When the day of the move came, we anticipated Evelyn being very anxious and perhaps resistant to leaving. To our surprise, while she was nervous, she got into the van to go to her new home where a new life for her began,” shares Director of Specialized Services Sandy Schultz, who was a part of Evelyn’s transition.

She now shares a home with three women and speaks fondly of staff who have become like family to her. Evelyn attends a day program and staff encourage her to stay active and social in her community. “I really like it here. I like to go out to shop, and I like Dunkin Donuts.”

Evelyn feels supported in her Vinfen home and has developed deep bonds with staff who make her feel welcomed and valued. Lisa Walker, a Vinfen Certified Nursing Assistant, has developed a supportive relationship with Evelyn who looks forward to their shopping trips, especially during the holiday season. Lisa has been working with Evelyn since she moved into a Vinfen residence.  “Evelyn blossomed and became comfortable riding in the van. She enjoys shopping, going out to eat, going to church and especially trips to Dunkin. She even took an overnight vacation to the Cape. Evelyn also became brave enough to go to the Dentist,” Lisa shared.

Evelyn now enjoys the holidays each year. Her face lights up when she describes sharing meals and spending cozy weekends watching holiday movies with her housemates. “We have a big holiday party and a Christmas tree,” Evelyn exclaims. A special meal is prepared for her and her housemates. “This is a very good house. They give very good services here,” Evelyn continued.

Her constant smile and happiness are what the holidays are all about.

Your support makes the season bright for people like Evelyn. This year, you can help Vinfen make sure each person we serve feels special and appreciated.

Your gift of $25, $50, $100, or more will place a gift directly in the hands of those here at Vinfen who do not have the family or personal means to make the holidays special.

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Every person deserves a special and memorable holiday season. Thank you for helping us to transform lives together and Happy Holidays from the Vinfen family.