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Facilities Team Fosters Collaboration within the Vinfen Community

With over 60 years of combined experience at Vinfen, the Facilities Team is truly a wealth of knowledge and an example of fantastic collaboration and teamwork.

Vinfen Facilities Manager Bob Masiello manages a team that has become its own tight-knit and supportive unit over the years. “They know a lot of the people we serve. People we serve get excited when they come to the house as someone to talk to and engage with,” Bob shared.

The Vinfen Facilities Team is comprised of Billy (since June 2005), Sergio (since May 2002), Jim (since October 2002), and Larry (since January 2005). “They are very dedicated. We’re available 24/7,” Bob explained. Each team member is on call for emergencies for two weeks at a time and then this responsibility rotates to another fellow teammate.

Facilities handles any given task big or small; whether it is an emergency like the gas explosions last fall in Lawrence, MA or a minor repair like leaky faucet that needs to be fixed. Recently the Facilities Team had to spring into action in the early hours of the morning when a fire broke out in Cambridge, MA and nearby homes were evacuated. They had to make sure the people we serve who were displaced felt safe and supported. They carefully monitored the fire and all Vinfen residences in the area until the area was designated all clear by the fire department.

With such dedication and commitment to their responsibilities, Vinfen Facilities goes above and beyond their duties and truly enjoys what they do to help people in the community. “Just knowing that we’re out there making a difference and transforming lives together. A lot of staff really appreciate the work the guys do,” Bob explained.

Currently with over 60 work orders, the team is busy, but Billy enjoys the work, his manager, and seeing the people we serve excel. “I just really believe in the company; the mission is really great. You feel good at the end of the day. You’re trying to make a difference in people’s lives,” Billy commented.

Sergio agrees. He enjoys problem solving everyday and sees his job as a part of his life and his routine. “I go in and out of Vinfen properties and everybody knows my name. They know us. I treat the people we serve like they are my friends. It is like family,” Sergio remarked. He enjoys receiving high-fives from the people Vinfen serves and being such a positive staple in their lives. He is there to help.

Everyday is different for the Vinfen Facilities Team, and every individual on the team encompasses a can-do attitude and a sincere willingness to help anyone who needs it. These individuals are truly remarkable, talented, personable, and dedicated to transforming lives together every single day.

Pictured above is Larry, Billy, and Sergio.