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Employment Milestones Achieved at Vinfen Clubhouses

Vinfen is proud to announce that five of our seven Clubhouses have been in the top five employment percentages across Massachusetts over the last quarter: Atlantic Clubhouse, Cove Clubhouse, Haverhill Clubhouse, Plymouth Bay House, and Point After Club. This success is due to members working hard to pursue their goals and the dedication of Vinfen staff who are there every step of the way.

Recently in February, Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH) Commissioner Joan Mikula recognized these Clubhouses for such a remarkable achievement at the DMH Legislative Breakfast Series at the State House. DMH set an employment percentage goal of all Clubhouses in the state to collectively be more than 25%. “We have been shooting to have each of our Clubs independently achieve that benchmark as well,” Vinfen Director of Day Services Kristi Joyce added. Each Clubhouse has made efforts to prioritize job development and comprehensive supports to help members both acquire and keep jobs.

Atlantic Clubhouse has shown drastic growth with their employment percentages over the last year and a half. Atlantic’s Program Director Janette Tibets shared, “Our program has grown as have our employment numbers. We went from 11% in September 2017 to 31%.”

Cove Clubhouse Program Director Sabrina Kreber explained, “At our Clubhouse we try to support all of our members and encourage people to talk to us and other members about their work experiences. We hold weekly employment meetings and monthly employment dinners.” Denise, one of the employed members at Cove Clubhouse, really enjoys her job. “They are the best people I have ever worked for, I love working at Villa Roma,” Denise exclaimed.

With one of the highest Clubhouse employment percentages, Plymouth Bay House Program Director Jaimee Provan attributed Plymouth Bay’s employment success to Mary Collins, Plymouth Bay’s Employment Coordinator. “I cannot take credit on this one. Mary “Cindy” Collins is Plymouth Bay’s Employment specialist and has worked tirelessly on supporting members to obtain and maintain employment!” Jaimee proclaimed. Mary talked about the importance of supporting one another. “We put the members in the driver’s seat, all while making connections in the community. Employment is talked about consistently all day long, and members motivate each other to reach their dreams,” she said. Kevin, a person Vinfen serves, works at both CVS and at the Vinfen Adult Community Clinical Services (ACCS) office every week and enjoys his responsibilities. “I like working with the people there. My manager and coworkers are awesome. It makes me feel a part of the community and I feel accomplished,” Kevin stated. He also added, “My favorite part of the job is that it is close to home and the Clubhouse, and I like the days and hours I work!”

Haverhill Clubhouse also has very successful member employment percentages. Haverhill Program Director Kerry Caraccio mentioned, “I believe our success comes from teamwork and flexibility. Knowing the strengths of the staff and members helps while coordinating job supports. We prioritize employment along with education. The staff and members work very hard at skill building and teaching while on the units at the Clubhouse.” Nicolle Vivier-Dow is Haverhill’s Education Coordinator and strongly believes in the power of education and learning. She believes that one’s growth blossoms with knowledge. Haverhill’s Employment Specialist Linda Coppinger added, “Being on site building strong relationships with the employer, while also providing side by side job support and training to the member working, is essential.” Linda works alongside Basilio Vargas, Haverhill’s Employment Coordinator. Basilio explained that there is value to building strong trusting relationships with members to understand their hopes and dreams. Haverhill Clubhouse Counselor Christian Way applauded his colleagues for their passion and commitment to encouraging members to pursue their employment goals to enhance their recovery.

On behalf of the Vinfen community, we are so proud to be transforming lives together, and reaching such incredible goals.

Pictured above is Kevin ready for work.