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A Helpdesk Technician with a Big Heart

Vinfen’s Information Technology (IT) Helpdesk Technician Ifeanyi Oli is loved by his Vinfen community. In the past, Oli has worked directly with the people Vinfen serves as a Relief Residential Counselor starting in October 2013, and became a Residential Counselor in 2014, which then led to his current role in IT. Oli has developed an valuable outlook on life over the years at Vinfen and is known for his smile and positive spirit among his colleagues, both in the field and now at the Administrative office in Cambridge, MA.

Oli moved to the United States in 2011 from Nigeria in pursuit of educational advancement and worked hard to get to where he is now. He earned his Associate of Science degree in Computer Science in 2010, and once he moved to the US, he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Forensics degree from University of Massachusetts Boston. During this time Oli worked full-time at Vinfen and went to school part-time. He graduated in December of 2017.

As Residential Counselor at Vinfen, Oli was able to form trusting connections and knew what people needed and enjoyed. This really left a lasting impact on Oli and his perspective on life. He realized just how much of an advocate Vinfen staff are for the people we serve, and that he was indeed helping people transform their lives. One of his favorite moments Oli recalls is going to a family dinner at Christmas time with a person he consistently worked with. “That Christmas dinner was peaceful. He was smiling the whole day, the whole dinner!” Oli shared. With experience in the field, Oli yielded a deeper meaning in his life. “Working at Vinfen let’s you appreciate life more,” he explained. “I have a new-found gratitude.”

Currently, Oli works in IT and is enjoying every moment of his role. One of his favorite aspects of his job is that you learn every day. “As a Helpdesk Technician, you’re kind of a ‘jack of all trades’ because you face different IT problems. What we do is troubleshoot,” Oli shares. He enjoys figuring out different ways to solve challenges and working in such a collaborative team environment. “There is great chemistry of a different combination of people. We all bring something to the table, and to me that’s very important,” Oli explained. He feels supported, enjoys the diversity at Vinfen, and is excited for all the potential for growth within the company. “Everyone drives everyone within the team,” Oli added. He also works part-time as a Residential Counselor in efforts to continue working directly with people to provide needed services.

Oli feels right at home having been with Vinfen for almost 6 years now and is excited for what the future holds. Growing up in Nigeria, Oli’s family, especially his late father, instilled both the importance of laughter and working hard within one’s lifetime. “There is dignity in everything you do in this life, no matter how small it is,” Oli described. He believes having a positive attitude is essential. “I am going to help you solve your problem. We’re going to have a humorous conversation on the phone maybe, and I will solve your problem at the end of the day in a respectful manner,” Oli proclaimed. Being optimistic is who Oli is, and he wants everyone to know that one’s hard work will never go unseen here at Vinfen.

Oli brings his values of teamwork, positivity, dedication, and kindness that he implements at work to his home life as well. His proudest moment in his life was when his son was born and looks forward to teaching him what his father taught him years ago. “Regardless of what situation you put me in, I will come out of this. I never count my downfalls, I count my blessings. I wake up every morning with a positive attitude,” Oli voiced.

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Pictured above is Oli.