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Meet Kerry and Duncan

Kerry loves spending time with her cat, Duncan. She is especially happy she is now able to spend more time with him and less time in the hospital. “I had a lot of trauma in my life, and I was in the hospital for a while missing Duncan,” she states. “Vinfen and CCP has done a lot for me. They have been really supportive with things. I think I’m doing better. I feel more comfortable. I’m in the hospital a lot less. It feels great. It gives me more time with Duncan and more time to myself.”

Kerry receives services from Vinfen through Community Care Partners (CCP). It is a new way to receive services. CCP offers integrated care coordination services to MassHealth enrollees who have complex medical and behavioral health needs. Our Care Teams partner with enrollees to meet their health and wellness goals. Clinical Care Manager Leilani Diaz, LCSW, has worked with Kerry over the past year to ensure she is able to attend her doctor appointments, get her medications, and make her house safe from falls as she frequently experiences seizures. As a result in the past six months, the number of times Kerry has needed to go to the Emergency Room has gone down. “I’m taking better care of myself,” states Kerry.