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A Captivating Concept at Art Connection Studio

Vinfen’s Art Connection Studio held their highly anticipated one-day exhibit 1001 ABSTRACTS in the beginning of May, and the results were spectacular. The exhibit took over four months to complete and the Art Connection Studio community worked together to produce something undeniably remarkable.

Inspiration for this unique exhibit spontaneously formed as Art Connection Studio Program Specialist Michael Galaburri was working with some artists to produce abstract art for an external art show. Mike was excited to start incorporating this type of art in more upcoming exhibits. “I was trying to be funny by saying our next show would be nothing but abstracts, 1000 of them,” shared Mike.

This idea blossomed as the team calculated if it was possible to create 1000 6×6 inch canvases by the spring. Based on how long it took an artist on average to complete a canvas, the number of participating artists for this exhibit, and confirming there was enough wall space in the gallery, Art Connection Studio decided to take on this exciting challenge.

All the pieces of the puzzle began fitting together for the exhibit. Art Connection Studio decided to add 1000 & 1, The Many & The One, The Community & The Individual to the title of the exhibit to explain the meaning of 1001 ABSTRACTS. “This exhibition represents how the harmony of community arises out of the combined creative power in each person, and complementary, how each person can reach their potential when supported and encouraged by all of us together,” Mike voiced.

Over fifty artists during the months of January, February, March, and April completed over 1000 canvases. The team then had to display the art and document what pieces were created by each artist. “It took over three weeks to put in the nails, two to three days to photograph each piece, and another two days to label them on the back,” explained Mike. “This show was challenging, but in the end worth it, because everyone got to see all our hard work,” shared Art Connection Studio artist Jonathan.

On the day of the exhibit, seven interns from surrounding Connecticut and Massachusetts universities and four staff members were stationed with clipboards of detailed charts at specific walls to record all sales. “There were so many different kinds of pieces that appealed to different people that there was something for everyone,” Mike added. Exhibit attendees included Art Connection Studio artists, their families, and staff, as well as community partners, and local artists and patrons from other organizations. Everyone really enjoyed the exhibit and thought the concept and display was brilliant.

Art Connection Studio sold over 25% of the artwork on display and is still receiving inquiries on availability of the remaining pieces. With so many great pieces left, a second show may be in the works for those who missed such a unique experience.

If you are interested in purchasing artwork from this exhibit or have any questions, please contact Mike Galaburri at You can also support artists and future exhibits by donating to Art Connection Studio today!