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Vinfen’s Commitment to Your Well-being

Safety has always been a priority at Vinfen for our staff, the people we serve, and one’s work place. As declared by the National Safety Council or NSC, June is National Safety Month. Here at Vinfen, we take your well-being and happiness seriously and believe in the significance of a safe working environment.

Vinfen has several ways that we ensure the safety of both people and the work place. For example, Vinfen’s Safety Committee meets quarterly and is comprised of direct care staff, as well as other professionals in various departments. The goal of this Committee is to bring awareness to different safety topics, educate individuals on prevention of potentially risky situations, and to encourage an open dialogue of what staff are seeing in their work settings. Direct care staff are always encouraged to share their thoughts at any given time. Vinfen recognizes and values any ideas or concerns that are brought to the table, no matter what position you have within the organization. We want to hear from you!

Another way we value safety is with the implementation of Vinfen’s Safety Governance Committee, which meets every eight weeks and involves all the division heads. This meeting addresses any safety mandates by the state of Massachusetts and how to implement those, as well as looking more in depth of our workers compensation data in efforts to create balance score card goals and address areas of improvement.

In addition to the Safety Committee and Safety Governance Committee, Vinfen also holds our Quarterly Safety Trainings. These trainings take place at different area offices, and new topics are addressed with guest trainers every quarter of the year. Guest trainers include individuals like Facilities Manager Bob Masiello, Real Estate Inspector Darcey Ashley, Workers’ Compensation Manager Theresa Monzione, and even personnel from external vendors.

Vinfen’s V-Safe or Vinfen Safety Awareness for Everyone incentive program communicates a range of safety topics and encourages learning. In June, topics included recognizing hazards and reporting them, slips, trips, and falls awareness and prevention, and ways to improve fatigue. Vinfen’s Safety Manager Dot DeVito, who sends out V-Safe emails, really enjoys her role in securing your safety at Vinfen. She believes that communication is key within Vinfen, which explains the use of email to get the word out about Safety. “We take safety very seriously. I know that sometimes things take a while to come into fruition, but it is not ignored. We hear what people say, we do research, and we try to figure out what we can do as a company to make things better and safer for everyone,” shared Dot.

Safety is indeed intertwined throughout all facets of Vinfen and we are proud to prioritize the safety of the entire Vinfen community.