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All Smiles at the Summer Swing

Vinfen’s Adult Community Clinical Services (ACCS) Cambridge/Somerville hosted their 4th annual Summer Swing on June 20 at the Arts at the Armory in Somerville, MA. Both staff and people Vinfen serves had a fun evening full of pizza, dancing, and mingling among friends.

As soon as guests arrived, DJ Tommy had already begun playing upbeat jams to welcome everyone to the dance floor. Attendees were treated to delicious pizza  as they dined with their fellow peers enjoying the tunes. Linda, a person Vinfen serves, and her friend Jay, also a person Vinfen serves, were the first on the dance floor enjoying each other’s company.

“It’s such a wonderful event where you can dance and party,” Linda shared. “We are happy, and we get a lot of care from Vinfen. Places like Webster House is where I go, which for me as a senior citizen is a home away from home. I absolutely love it!” Linda truly enjoys expressing her artistic talents at the Clubhouse and attending events like these where she can sing and dance the night away. “That’s what is the most important for me in my life at this stage is not to be introverted in my own apartment and not going anywhere. There, I have a place to go every day,” Linda added.

Jay chimed in after hearing why his friend Linda attends the Summer Swing. “I come to this event to connect with other people and it’s also fun.” Dancing with Linda is his favorite part. Jay feels that Vinfen has helped him within his life as well. “They helped me find my apartment, their Outreach Workers help me with rides when I need them. They are very helpful!” Jay explained.

Linda believes Vinfen has drastically impacted her life. “Where would we be in our lives without Vinfen and the support, care, and love they give us? Making sure we’re always safe in our homes, in our community, always concerned about every aspect of our lives. What would I do without Vinfen?” Linda asked.

Guests had a blast busting moves and taking photos together. The evening was meant to be full of fun and a place to celebrate and welcome the warm days of summer. A shuttle service was also available for people to get to and from the venue. Vinfen’s Rep Payee Amanda Griffin, who helped plan the evening, couldn’t be happier with how the night turned out. “I thought it was a great night. The best part was seeing all the people we serve dancing and having a great time,” she described.