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Employee Wellness in Full Swing

Vinfen began the first steps of creating a comprehensive Employee Wellness Program to support and promote the well-being of staff both in and out of the workplace back in October 2018. The early stages involved, branding the initiative with its own logo and mission statement, creating a staff-wide survey which generated over 600 responses, creating a Wellness Committee composed of 22 staff from different programs and job titles, and presenting and distributing materials to educate staff on their current wellness benefits, and gather ideas from employees around what else Vinfen can do to support the wellness of staff. Over 500 people from 40 of Vinfen’s programs and services have seen our wellness presentation, and we hope to eventually reach all Vinfen programs soon.

Since then Vinfen has also launched the two Employee Wellness Challenges. In the first, teams of staff worked together to log 900 minutes of any kind of physical activity; whether cleaning, walking, stretching – anything that gets staff moving – in 6 weeks. Over 20 teams of approximately 150 staff participated with people logging an average of 300 activity minutes a week. The second challenge, which kicks off this week, encourages staff to drink at least 64 oz of water per day – a must to stay hydrated with the upcoming heat wave.

The goal of Vinfen’s Employee Wellness Program is to both support the well-being and satisfaction of staff, as well as to drive down the costs of health insurance for both Vinfen and employees. In an industry where it is not uncommon for staff to have compassion fatigue and to focus on taking care of others instead of themselves, it is imperative for Vinfen to have benefits and resources in place to help mitigate these and other health issues. With so much information on the various benefits and how to access them, it is one thing to have wellness benefits, but most important to educate people how they can improve their well-being and take advantage of the resources available.

Interested in learning more about Vinfen’s Employee Wellness Program? Check out Vinfen all the benefits Vinfen offers or apply for a job today!