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A Humble and Helpful Human

Adult Community Clinical Services (ACCS) Administrative Assistant David Lumpkins believes in the value of kindness and lending a helpful hand to those in need. His values throughout his life ultimately led him to working for Vinfen for the last seven years.

David grew up with parents who he says are his role models. He believes that because of the stability and structure presented to him at a very young age, he was able to excel all while making time for others and their happiness. David tenderly remembers his mother’s compassion toward others as a teacher of education and the arts. “She always taught me to help other people and to be mindful and respectful of other people, and if people need help, to be ready to assist whenever you need to,” David shared. He recalls his parent’s encouragement to achieve his fullest potential while growing up. “Without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today in terms of being helpful, being thoughtful, thinking about other people and not just myself, and being the hardworking individual that I am.” David thrived on his parents’ constant source of kindheartedness and grit.

Working alongside four other administrative assistants, David enjoys the collaborative and friendly unit he has with his colleagues. He feels a sense of harmony with his team as everyone chips in equally to help out with any given task presented. David feels that his skills have strengthened as a whole because of the people he works with, and in return he never blinks an eye when someone needs his assistance. “It’s great to learn off of each other’s strengths, so what was once my weakness, is now a strength,” David voiced. No day is the same, which presents both variety and the necessary platform to learn new things in the workplace. “There’s a lot of good balance here, and I like applying all my different skill sets to this job,” he added. David enjoys how his workload directly impacts the lives of Vinfen staff who directly work with the people Vinfen serves. His team is like a well-oiled machine that has a real positive impact on the community.

The best experience (so far) in David’s career was in May of 2016 when David was on his way to what he thought would be a normal Friday at the office. As he was getting off the subway, he noticed one of his colleagues driving up to him in panic mode. It turns out that one of the runners for Vinfen’s Run-4-Life! 190 mile Relay Fundraiser had dropped off the team last minute, and she was scrambling to find a replacement. In true David fashion, he said he would race without hesitation! With a trip back home and a quick change into athletic gear, David was off to Marshfield, MA to leap into his leg of the race. This moment is what David is all about. By running, he raised vital funds that support people with their health and wellness at Vinfen. “I feel like I contribute to Vinfen’s overall mission to help assist with other people’s lives,” David explained.

Along with helping others, David also values being physically fit as well as exercising his extraordinary memory. Running is his time of freedom where he can let go of any stress and fully decompress, not to mention running a solid 8.5 minute mile. This is his time to be himself and be fully present. David can also recall very specific dates throughout his lifetime, and can recite directions to people without the use of a map or GPS. He enjoys drawing maps of public transportation and using his memory to help others. Staff will often ask him how to get to a specific location of where a person receiving services is and David is happy to help with accurate detailed directions.

Whether racing for wellness or building an Excel spreadsheet to support to his team, David is here to assist and help people. “I’ve always had a knack for helping people and giving back to the community, and I feel like doing this line of work helps me have that opportunity to give back to those less fortunate,” David expressed. Assisting people can blossom into many forms in his life, and David is here to help.

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