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A Strong Presence of Perseverance at Vinfen

Vinfen Lead Peer Specialist Regina Serverius is a determined and welcoming presence with an intuitive sense of trust and love. She has been with Vinfen since July of last year and has conquered a massive amount of obstacles. With so much inconsistency in her early life, something that has never changed is the striking person Regina is, and her drive to help and support people in need.

Regina was taken away from her family at the age of six years old. She had no idea that her future would involve the harsh reality of being in-and-out of different foster and group homes until the age of 14. Then, her life changed when she met her forever family; her new mom and dad.

After a few years living with her new devoted family, Regina felt more settled and worked toward goals she had established. She became a staff member at the family pizza shop for many years, a mother to a handsome little boy, earned her Healthcare Technician Certificate, and then became a Peer, which ultimately led her to her current role at Vinfen. Regina knew her passion was to help people and slowly began to discover the power of her voice. “I just wanted to give back. I always told my social worker when I was younger that I wanted to be like her, but on a more personal level,” Regina shared.

Now, Regina is a proud mother to two young boys and works hard to shower them with as much love and support as possible. “My upbringing made me cherish my relationship with my kids. Knowing that I didn’t have parental figures caring for me every day, I make sure to go above and beyond, and for them to know that I am there, and that they have everything they want and need,” Regina voiced. Because she never had a real family during her early childhood, she is determined to be a role model and bring joy to her sons lives.

A journey that included being an inspirational speaker at the Massachusetts State House, to being featured in a local newspaper, Regina began to discover the depth and influence of her story, which solidified her passion of helping others. “Once I started sharing my story more and more, people started listening. I was shaking very important people’s hands and I noticed they really cared,” Regina expressed. Being a Peer was a great fit for Regina because within this unique role, she was able to share her experiences with others to offer mutuality and support. “People we serve love hearing stories of how I got through things. I’ve helped so many people get through hard times because of my story,” Regina added. Regina’s persistence is a source of motivation to keep going for others.

Regina’s foster parents have forever impacted her life. “They were the first people that actually showed that they cared about me and took time to explain life for me,” Regina commented. She was able to look at her mom and dad and see an example of genuine people who have overcome and healed from difficult upbringings, established their own businesses, had three children of their own, and welcomed her into their family. This was an example of the type of life she could also have with a lot of hard work and determination. Her foster father was her first positive male presence in her life. Regina did not experience having a father figure for her first 14 years and never knew what she was missing. Now, her mom and dad are her biggest cheerleaders and are the individuals she turns to without hesitation for anything. “My biggest supporters are my foster parents. They’ve seen me grow and were always rooting for me,” Regina explained. Her parents look up to her and think Regina is truly extraordinary. “My dad says I am his hero. To hear that from him who has his own children and him being in his 50s and having this 26-year-old as his hero is amazing and special.” Her parents recognize how tough Regina’s childhood was and think Regina is a remarkable individual for having such a kind heart and soul, and still expressing genuine trust for others. Regina never had a steady loving presence in her early years. Now she does, and is being that consistent necessary presence for her children.

As a Peer, Regina feels incredibly supported by her team and colleagues. This support system at Vinfen is the most important aspect of her job and why her role is very dear to her heart. In previous positions, Regina often felt lonely and isolated being the only Peer. Now, she can shine and share her talents and experiences with a united front of Peers, who all support one another on an authentic and meaningful level. “I think a huge success we have at Vinfen is having all that extra support,” Regina stated. Being offered her current position at Vinfen was her proudest moment, and she is thrilled to be making a difference in so many lives.

Regina shares deeply with others and in return, she learns and grows within her role as a Lead Peer. Currently, she has been focusing on working with groups and providing important moments in people’s lives. Regina recently took a group of people we serve to the movies and found out one of the older people we serve had never been to the movies. “Being able to share that experience with him and him explaining that he has never seen this before, it was just awesome to be a part of that!” beamed Regina. A simple gesture or activity can mean the world to someone, and Regina is there to provide these moments that stick with people through the test of time. This is what life is all about.

Vinfen recognizes the power of the Peer role for the people we serve as well as our staff, and we are thankful to have Peers like Regina as a part of the Vinfen family. If you are interested in becoming a Peer, apply today.