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Kindness and Kona Ice

This summer, one of Vinfen’s Day Programs in Weymouth, MA coordinated a Carnival Day for the people we serve. The day was an exciting experience that proved to be a fun way to enjoy the sunshine, and fostered relationships with local vendors who made the day extra special.

During the planning process of choosing a fun activity to have at the Program, a Carnival Day was agreed upon by everyone. Vinfen Day Hab Site Managers David Henderson and Jonathan Walker worked alongside Day Hab Developmental Specialists Andrea Massa and Shantel Florence to make sure the day was an enjoyable moment for all. Carnival Day consisted of a dunk tank, face painting, and perhaps the highlight of the gathering was a visit from Kona Ice South Shore.

Paris Lavoie, owner of Kona Ice South Shore, initially received a call From David and knew he wanted to help. “They called me and they were really interested in me, and I just said hey I’m going to commit to you,” noted Paris. This past summer was the fourth season Paris has operated Kona Ice South Shore, and he truly enjoys creating an experience that brings happiness and joy to people’s lives. Paris is a people person, enjoys meeting individuals from all different walks of life, and is also incredibly philanthropic. “I always give away some snow cones every year to a few different groups,” he shared. “It was something that I wanted to do.”

When the Day Program team found out that Paris was donating his time, products, and services to Vinfen, they wanted to make sure Paris knew how much they appreciated his generosity toward the people Vinfen serves. “He was so nice to help the people we serve. Everyone appreciated Paris for taking the time out of his day to make everyone happy,” Shantel commented. To Paris, the ones who truly deserve recognition are the people we serve and the staff that assist them in their everyday lives. “When I showed up and I saw the group of people that they were helping, those people are the true heroes. I’m just a guy in a snow cone truck,” expressed Paris.

Paris enjoyed the experience just as much as everyone involved. Upon arrival, he played Caribbean music and drove his mobile tiki hut truck into the parking lot as he donned a bright smile. “I was proud to be involved in that, and to be a bright spot in their day. They really did enjoy it and I appreciated it. I would do it again,” Paris described.

On behalf of everyone at Vinfen, thank you Paris and Kona Ice South Shore for your compassion and warm-heartedness.