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Being Found at Art Connection Studio

Art Connection Studio hosted their fall exhibit, Lost and Found: Letting Go and Holding On, in late September. Attendees enjoyed each other’s company as they viewed the striking art created by Art Connection Studio artists.

The exhibition featured acrylic paintings on canvas, mixed media works of art, jewelry, and fiber art pieces. A few pieces of artwork available for purchase were made by several talented artists working together to create incredible multidimensional pieces. “The artists of Art Connection Studio prepared a numerous selection of objects to evoke memories and imaginings of places, home, family, food, good spirits, and good times. Whimsical and fanciful pieces were scattered about the space,” Program Specialist Mike Galaburri explained.

Many of the paintings were still life compositions. The artists underwent a three-step process, which included creating the texture of the background, determining what shapes would be drawn on the canvas using bold and flat forms separated by dark contours, and the decision to paint the shapes or to leave them empty. “Many satisfying compositional permutations are possible from just a handful of object-shapes. Artists found they could create many unique wonderful works by making simple changes to their compositions,” Mike added.

Jane, an Art Connection Studio artist, experienced a meaningful moment at the reception when she found out a staff member she works with had purchased her peacock painting. Tears were shed because this painting represents Jane’s fond memories of her mother. ‘My mother “Big Mama” was a very special person in my life. Occasionally, I still write to her, because I believe she is still watching over me. Not long ago, I had a dream that my mother came to me and asked me to create a painting of a peacock. I had to create this piece for myself and her and all that our relationship means,’ Jane shared.

The exhibit was open until mid-October. Art Connection Studio is excited to host their winter exhibit in early December. Details will be announced soon.

If you are interested in purchasing art from Lost and Found, please contact Mike Galaburri at