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Perseverance Pays Off

Maryanne’s perseverance and determination to quit smoking while continuing to work on her mental health recovery is an inspiration to us all.

When Vinfen began a five-year Integrated Smoking Cessation Treatment study, One Care Health Outreach Worker Nina Cherilus was given a list of people receiving Vinfen services who identified as smokers. She reached out to Maryanne to see if she was interested in enrolling.

When Maryanne got the call from Nina she was going through a very stressful time in her life. She had quit smoking on her own, but soon after lost her brother, and relapsed. Maryanne was highly motivated to quit smoking, but needed support to make it happen. Working with Nina, she enrolled in the study and became a regular attendee at smoking cessation group sessions. She credits the group for providing emotional support and mutual understanding. Her favorite part was hearing how everyone’s week went and relating to other group members’ struggles and triumphs.

What is remarkable about Maryanne is that throughout the program she has only slipped with one cigarette. She credits Nina for helping her stay on track and calls her a “guardian angel.”  Maryanne’s adorable cat, Lilly, was also a great support during her journey.

Maryanne currently attends the smoking cessation group and a relapse prevention group. Nina describes her as a superstar at group. She always attends regardless of how she feels. Maryanne enjoys hanging out with Sarah, the program psychologist, in the gap time between her sessions.

When asked what her proudest moments have been during her journey to quit smoking, Maryanne shared that seeing her oxygen at 100% was her biggest motivator. Maryanne has stopped smoking for eight months.

The study, which is conducted  in partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Bay Cove Human Services and funded by Person Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), ends in January of 2020.

Maryanne’s advice to anyone who wants to quit smoking: “keep trying, you never fail until you stop trying.”