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Sales and Satisfaction at Atlantic Clubhouse

Atlantic Clubhouse’s fall art exhibit, A Night with the Artists, was an evening full of firsts for Clubhouse members. Many meaningful moments were experienced as artists sold their artwork and welcomed attendees. The reception was a wonderful time of celebrating creativity and community.

On a brisk fall evening, patrons were welcomed and had a chance to meet Atlantic Clubhouse artists, discuss their artwork, and learn more about members and the Club. Items available for purchase included a variety of arts and crafts created solely by members. Vinfen’s Chief Operating Officer Sophie Jones didn’t miss the chance to meet members and view their art, and purchase artwork. “I didn’t think I would ever sell any of my artwork. The woman who bought it is a COO, and she loved it and even asked me if I had any more pieces,” said Tony, a member of the Club. “Selling my artwork made me very happy. I appreciate the encouragement I received from staff, especially Anita in the art unit. I love doing artwork now, and I know that I am good at it,” he added.

Another artist, Barry, sold his piece of artwork as well. It was the first time he had sold something he created and could not be happier about this moment in his life. “It felt great selling my artwork for the first time ever. It took me six months to learn how to create that style of art. Knowing that someone appreciated it enough to buy it and knowing someone will enjoy my artwork makes me feel so good. One of my peers taught me how to do it, and Anita pointed me in the right direction,” Barry shared.

Atlantic Clubhouse Counselor Anita Barnes made sure to support each artist with the creative process. She also worked alongside another member John who had created a book of illustrations done in ink. Creating this masterpiece involved many moving parts and supports from John’s community. He received help from his advocate, from Vinfen’s Graphic Design and Marketing Specialist Hannah Mezzina, and from Braintree Printing. The funding for this book came from a generous grant from the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission’s Ticket to Work Program, which Atlantic Clubhouse applied for with the help from Vinfen’s Supported Employment Director Karen Moore.

The book was titled Almost Dark and Definitely Bizarre, from the Mind and Pen of John Giovannucci. John started drawing when he was around six years old. His art is inspired by ancient civilizations, primitive masks, and the ocean’s depth.  He sold three copies that evening and was asked to sign each copy with his autograph. “Producing my book filled me with hope and self-esteem. I couldn’t have done this without Atlantic Clubhouse staff. Even when I doubted myself, they encouraged me to push through,” John shared.

With four artists selling their artwork in total, and a handful making first time sales, the gathering proved to be an exciting night for many. The exhibit will be open until December 7. On the same day, Atlantic Clubhouse will host their Winter Bizarre and Open House from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Clubhouse in Quincy, MA. If you are interested in purchasing artwork from A Night with the Artists, please contact Program Director Janette Tibets at