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A Charming and Considerate Clubhouse Member

A Clubhouse can be life changing for someone. For Tony, the Club represents a place he can come to and be his full self. Atlantic Clubhouse is what makes Tony happy and his bright spirit is quite contagious with his peers and staff alike.

Tony has received Vinfen services at Atlantic Clubhouse for almost a year now. He had never been a part of a Club before, so his psychiatrist recommended he pay a visit to a few Clubs in the community to see if this may be something he was interested in. As soon as Tony walked into Atlantic, he knew this was where he was meant to be. “I checked out a few places and this was the best place to come,” Tony explained. Tony attends the Club six days a week and makes sure to stay busy and contribute to his new-found community. “I just like everything about the Clubhouse,” he added.

A typical day for Tony includes working on his new-found passion of creating art until lunch time, eating lunch, and then spending the rest of the day cleaning and fulfilling Club responsibilities to make sure the space stays clean for his fellow peers. Because of his work ethic and enthusiasm, Tony was recognized recently with a certificate of achievement award and a gift card. “He is one of the members who goes above and beyond and does a fabulous job at the Clubhouse,” Program Director Janette Tibets shared. This is the first time an Atlantic member has attended the program every day of the week.

Tonys zest for his Vinfen community can be seen with his passion to help others and complete any given task at hand. He is outgoing, generous, thoughtful, and has a pure love for his Club like no other. “My favorite thing is coming here. I don’t even want to leave because I like it so much!” Tony voiced. Tony feels loved by staff and values how much everyone has welcomed him and supported him. Tony even remarks about how Clubhouse Counselor Anita Barnes has given him something he has never had before: self-confidence in art. Tony now spends most of his mornings exploring his artistic talents, which he has never done before. He even spent his gift card on art supplies such as markers and colored pencils.

Anita couldn’t agree more with how remarkable Tony is and how well he is doing at the Club. “Tony is amazing. I am very proud of him because at first he did not think that he was an artist or had any ability. He was open to the process and now he is one of the best artists, I think. He is open to new styles and has tried every material that we possibly have,” she explained.  Anita also added, “I’m not sure if we can make it without Tony. He does so much for the Clubhouse.”

Tony is currently still healing from the loss of his Mother, “She did a lot of stuff for me and now I have to learn how to do stuff that she used to help me with,” he mentioned. This does not stop Tony from exploring his future professional aspirations. He is eager to get back into the workforce and believes in his ability to help people and provide amazing customer service. Tony also plans the Club outings on Saturdays with Anita to provide a fun experience for members. He is a huge New England Patriots fan, and enjoys going out to eat and staying active in his community. Tony is an example of a stellar person who is working toward his goals and making the most out of life. He is a true go-getter, and we are so thankful to have him as such a valued member of Atlantic Clubhouse.