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A Leader of Love

With a soul dedicated to helping people in need, Vinfen ACCS Team Nurse Adetutu Owolabi, known as Tutu, is supporting people receiving Vinfen services locally while working toward the goal of helping as many lives as possible within her lifetime globally.

Growing up in Nigeria as a young child was not easy. Tutu is one of seven children, and her family did not have much financial means. This sometimes meant skipping meals when food was scarce. But nothing could stop Tutu’s mother and father from making sure each of their children went to school. Her father believed in the power of education and making a difference in this world through helping people. So Tutu dreamed big and worked hard. “I fought for that dream,” she shared. In 2010, Tutu won the Nigerian Diversity Visa Lottery allowing her to come to America and to become a United States of America Citizen. It was now her time to reach for the stars.

With the value of education instilled in her, Tutu began spending endless nights in the library. She found success by earning her bachelor’s degree in health science in 2013 at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. She then attended nursing school at Northeastern University. She did not stop there. “I wanted to help people more, so I am doing a doctorate in nursing, and I am also doing my master’s in public health,” Tutu said. Tutu currently works full time and is taking online classes. This continuation of education is dedicated to her love of people and helping them receive the services they deserve. She wants to provide the best of the best when it comes to supporting people and their recovery.

Not only is Tutu obtaining the highest level of education possible, but she also started her own foundation as a tribute to her father. The Stephen Gideon Owolabi Women and Children’s Foundation was founded in March of 2019 and is dedicated to helping people thrive. As President of the Foundation, Tutu gives back to her local community in Nigeria directly. Tutu recently came back from a two-week trip to her home country where she gave out 12,000 notebooks to schools in need and 100 backpacks to schools for the blind and for children with disabilities. These items made such an incredible difference in hundreds of children’s lives. Tutu sees this as just one way to encourage these children to work hard to achieve their goals and to hold onto hope for a future of endless possibilities.

Tutu already has plans to go back to Nigeria in January of 2020. She wants to donate her own funds she can spare to widows, so they can establish small scale businesses and support their families. “My big picture is not just to help people in Nigeria but to help people across the world,” added Tutu. Tutu is incredibly thankful for her upbringing and the values she learned from her father “He has always taught us to help people. He loved helping people that do not have much,” she explained. “I just want him to see all of what he taught me.”

Tutu also loves her job at Vinfen. She is extremely proud to work for such a caring organization and cannot remark enough about how genuine and kind her colleagues are. They are her Vinfen family. “I miss the people I work with if I do not go to work,” she commented. Tutu also encourages those who are considering applying to Vinfen to do so without hesitation. “Vinfen cares about people and their staff, are very passionate, and they accommodate anyone. They do not discriminate in terms of color, country, or any kind of discrimination.” Tutu sees her colleagues as her extended brothers and sisters, and everyone quite frequently celebrates special life moments together.

When Tutu obtains her Master of Public Health and graduates as a Doctor of Nursing Practice in next few years, she hopes to be able to continue to serve people at Vinfen and provide a wide array of extensive services and expertise that cater to each person’s needs. She sees herself staying at Vinfen and dreams of getting married and having beautiful children. Tutu often thinks about the meaningful moments she had with her dad while they shared meals together along the way. She has already accomplished so much at the age of 34 and hopes her story can inspire others. “You can do little things to help people,” she voiced. With a heartfelt passion to make a difference and transform lives, Vinfen is eager to see what Tutu accomplishes next on her journey of spreading love to all.

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