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A Noble and Natural Nurturer

Vinfen Program Director Sherry Davis had a humble family upbringing and knew she was destined to help people; it is her greatest passion in life. This innate need flows through every facet of her heart and soul. Helping people is what gives her the most joy in life, and she couldn’t see herself doing anything else.

Growing up on a dairy farm in northern Vermont, Sherry and her three siblings quickly learned what it meant to have responsibilities in life and to make sure they were fulfilled. “All the cows needed to be milked twice a day no matter what, and crops had to be brought in,” she explained. “I would do it all over again because of what that taught me,” she added. Sherry grew fond of watching seeds get planted and grow and then get harvested. She learned the importance of cultivating something and enjoyed seeing how beautiful the product could be with time, patience, and essential nutrients. Now, she helps nurture people on their journey of wellness; a voyage that takes love, support, respect, dignity, appreciation, and encouragement.

Sherry manages a team of staff, as well as provides direct support to the gentlemen receiving services at her residence. She has worked in the human services sector for over three decades. “My priority is to make sure the people are well taken care of and that the staff are taken care of. I’ll roll up my sleeves, I’ll dig in to help, I will help transport, I help with range of motion exercises, I stay on top of treatment protocols, and I make sure we are meeting what we say we are going to do in the Individual Service Plans (ISPs),” Sherry stated. Her favorite aspect of her job is being able to help, whether it be people or her staff. Since starting her position at Vinfen a year ago, Sherry has experienced a renewal in her deep sense of gratitude and sees how easy it is for people to take the simple things in life for granted. “Life can change in a moment,” she voiced.

Sherry’s first job out of college was as an overnight awake counselor in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. She worked there for 10 years. She also worked at Bay Cove Human Services for 18 years before she joined Vinfen. “It’s a common thread between my 18 years at Bay Cove and here. It’s not even a blip, it’s the same. People rely on us, people depend on us, and it is my job to make sure we provide the best that we are,” Sherry stated. Sherry has a personal standard of making sure people receive the best possible care and services. “I wouldn’t want to work someplace where that doesn’t exist and have left places because of that.”

Sherry wants people to know how dedicated and hardworking Vinfen staff are. “Staff deserve to be treated with respect and dignity as much as we want to treat others that way. We owe it to the individuals. They deserve it, they need it, and it’s our job,” Sherry expressed. She is a huge advocate for her staff and cannot share enough about her team’s perseverance and commitment to helping people. Sherry also wants to increase awareness of the great work Vinfen staff are doing. “God bless the staff who pick up extra shifts, who cover for each other, who will come to work because they don’t want to leave their coworkers hanging. They want to come and do their part,” Sherry proclaimed. “The staff here are amazing, just amazing.” Sherry feels that her colleagues are a tight knit network of support for each other and work together to provide the very best they can for people. Because of this, Sherry highly recommends anyone to join the Vinfen family. “I would encourage anyone without any hesitation at all – no hesitation at all,” she stated. She really enjoys seeing how much staff are recognized at Vinfen and believe they deserve all the praise in the world.

Sherry spends her free time being on the water as much as she can and mentioned the birth of her daughter as being her most proud moment within her life. Her family, who does not own the dairy farm anymore, still has their maple syrup company called Roy’s Maples, which was named in honor of her late father. Sherry enjoys bringing syrup to her residence to make breakfasts extra special and sweet. Sherry also sees her mother as her role model. “She is so even-keeled, kind, honest. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen her angry,” Sherry commented. She believes she received her mothers’ sense of humor, wit, and the ability to make people laugh.

As Sherry reflects on what her favorite moments have been since working at Vinfen, she cannot be more thankful that one of the people receiving services in her program just recently received the well-deserved Craig Smith Self-Advocate award at Vinfen’s 12th Annual Celebration of Family Partnerships back in October. “To be there with him to get that award with his brother and his sister – that was very cool,” she disclosed. Sherry indeed has a beautiful gift of bringing joy to others. Vinfen staff are incredible human-beings and we wouldn’t be able to help so many people if it wasn’t for our astounding staff members.

Are you interested in working with dedicated colleagues like Sherry and her team? Apply today. We look forward to welcoming you to the Vinfen family.