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Thank You for Being a Cherished Member of the Vinfen Family

During the holidays, Vinfen believes in the power of spreading cheer, especially to people receiving services who are working incredibly hard on their goals. We at Vinfen believe that everyone deserves to be celebrated, and we hope that with a small gift, spirits can be lifted and meaningful memories are made.

Because of you, Vinfen was able to give out 2,360 gift cards through our Holiday Giving Program to people who have accomplished milestones on their journey of recovery. That is 2,360 people whose holidays were a little brighter because of your incredible generosity. Staff contributions alone have totaled a record high of over $3,500 and community donations are still being made and tallied.

This year, we had the pleasure of getting to know Linda, Ron, and Marelin. Their stories served as an inspiration to us all of perseverance. Before receiving services from Vinfen, Linda experienced years of hospitalizations. She attended day hospitals, but never felt loved and cherished by staff or her peers. “When I came to Webster House this past January, the minute I walked in I said, ‘oh my God, this is my home away from home,’” Linda expressed. “Webster House, from the bottom of my heart, is for me.” Although Ron has faced his ups and downs, he knows he can always return to the Clubhouse and has a family there. “I feel like I don’t have to pull one over on someone. I can be honest with them, and I can be myself with my little quirks. We all have our little quirks,” he shared. Ron’s favorite part of the Clubhouse is the community he is building every time he visits. “I’m living in community, and I come over here for community, so I’m blessed.” Marelin spends her holidays with her Vinfen family at Haverhill Clubhouse. “I really enjoy it,” she shared. Vinfen has truly impacted her life. “I haven’t been in a hospital for a long time. If I need help, they help me. They’re always there, so I appreciate that a whole lot. I can’t give any complaints,” she described. Vinfen is the family she never had. “It makes me feel good that there is somebody there to help me and make the holidays a little better.”

Linda, Ron, and Marelin are just a few of many astounding people whose holidays were a bit brighter because of their Vinfen family: a family that is full of support and genuine care for the beautiful people that they are. This family celebrates their life successes and welcomes them with open arms.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many people this holiday season. Because of you, cheer spread across communities and people felt loved. You have played a critical role in transforming so many lives together, and we sincerely thank you for your compassion and kindness this holiday season.