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Joseph F. Gomes, MA

Joseph Gomes, MA has worked for Vinfen since August 22, 1983. Mr. Gomes’ tenure with Vinfen has spanned all aspects of services from operating behaviorally challenging residential programs, to overseeing day teams as the Senior Director of Service for the Metro-South Cluster of Residential Programs and the Developmental Services Division’s Day Services. Mr. Gomes’ clinical training and background has helped to drive the direction of clinical services within the Developmental Services Division.

Mr. Gomes has a Master Degree in Agency Counseling and Educational Psychology. Prior to joining Vinfen, he spent two years in Providence, Rhode Island working for Behavior Research Institute where he received extensive training in Applied Behavior Analysis. Mr. Gomes is currently the Senior Vice President of the Developmental and Brain Injury Services at Vinfen and continues to drive clinical excellence.