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Sophie Santaella, MBA

Sophie Santaella has over 25 years of experience in administrative/financial and strategic management in corporate and nonprofit organizations. Her areas of expertise include strategic planning, payment and care delivery innovation for complex populations, public sector healthcare reform, sustainable use of innovative technology in health care delivery, and evaluation of impact and value of healthcare service delivery models. Ms. Santaella has led teams through restructuring processes, organizational diversification, and strategic expansion.

As Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Santaella oversees programmatic and administrative functions for Vinfen and its subsidiaries, ensuring that services are planned and managed to the highest standards of the industry, and that the Vinfen companies are managed effectively and efficiently.

Prior to joining Vinfen, Ms. Santaella led the policy development, programmatic design, implementation, and oversight of integrated care management initiatives for Massachusetts’ Medicaid program.

Ms. Santaella has an MBA from Babson College and also previously worked for Vinfen as Vice President of Strategy and Innovation.