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About Vinfen Connecticut

For over 15 years, Vinfen Connecticut has been dedicated to transforming lives. We are a leading provider of community-based services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and psychiatric conditions. Our dedicated staff supports the people we serve in achieving their goals and leading more independent, productive, and valued lives as members of their community.

Vinfen Connecticut is one of the most dynamic and innovative health and human services organizations in the country. With over 50 locations in Connecticut, we are a premier provider of comprehensive services for adolescents and adults with disabilities or life challenges. We provide a wide range of evidence-based programs in recovery, supported living, habilitation, education, and employment to the populations we serve.

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Our leadership at Vinfen Connecticut and Vinfen as a company have received numerous awards and been recognized for excellence in health and human services at the state and national levels.

We work in partnership with professionals and organizations from all areas of health and human services. We collaborate with experts and thought leaders in the field to learn from them, as they learn from us. We work with legislators and government officials, with advocacy organizations, and with other providers, to advocate for the people we serve and their families and to support our employees.

Our 350 staff members are caring and dedicated people who have become experienced, highly-trained professionals in the field of health and human services. At Vinfen, we are all about transforming lives together.


Vinfen Connecticut offers a wide range of services that support the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We strive to support each individual to achieve their goals, gain greater independence, and strengthen their connection to their community through our residential, day, and employment services.


Vinfen Connecticut provides a variety of services designed to help people with psychiatric conditions develop skills and acquire the resources they need to achieve recovery. We help people get back their lives by helping them make friends, strengthen family connections, find jobs or pursue education, develop new interests and skills while learning to manage their conditions.