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Don is a prolific artist of distinct talent who discovered his abilities at a young age. He works in all mediums, though enjoys acrylics and pencil sketches the most. For images, Don looks for nature scenes, cottages, and places of interest both local and beyond. Outside of art, Don enjoys playing guitar, taking walks, and attending Atlantic Clubhouse. All his pieces are available to purchase.

Jim first discovered his talents and style in his 40’s. While taking care of his mother, Jim began to experiment with lines, shapes, and colors. As the years passed, Jim continued to hone his skills and expand on his graphic design style. Jim’s process is also unique: he begins with black ink and creates his images. Once this is completed, Jim lets the colors take over and truly designs in the moment. Of importance as well is Jim’s work ethic. His works are labor intensive and take time to create. For Jim, his art is a form of expression and he finds the process meditative. He works with gel pen and ink. All pieces are available for purchase.

At a young age, Lateisha discovered her love for drawing. She especially enjoyed drawing houses, stars, hearts, and smiley faces. For Lateisha, art is joy and she coins the process as “exciting.” Her medium of choice is collage where she decides upon a theme, selects and cuts out images, and then creates the whole. At times, she plans out her compositions; other times, she just lets the images chose their own destinations. All her pieces are available for purchase.

John is a self-taught artist and only discovered his skills later in life. While in the hospital, John explored painting and quickly recognized his aptitude for the medium. He works with acrylics and is heavily influenced by impressionists. John is especially interested in history and paints scenes from days gone by both locally and internationally. He also shares his knowledge with Atlantic Clubhouse artists and has taught a very successful painting workshop.

Out of the womb, John’s parents recognized his acumen for drawing. Ever since, their support for his artistic dreams has never wavered. John is also self-taught and combines three-dimensional elements to his acrylic designs using everyday materials such as socks and lids. His process is intricate as he creates different layers of color. John is most influenced by ancient cultures and primitive masks. He works both with canvas and ink drawings. John recently produced a book of his drawings that is also for sale.

While attending Massasoit College, Kristina signed up for a painting class. Inspired by her teacher and his encouragement, Kristina dived into her work and developed her unique style. She is especially taken with still lifes and landscapes. Kristina works with acrylics on canvas and her subject matter ranges from fruit bowls to cottages. When asked what art means to her, she responded, “Bringing paintings to life.”

When Tony first walked into the art studio at the Atlantic Clubhouse, he exclaimed, “I am not an artist.” Fast forward to the present and Tony is one of our most productive artists. Since his first attempts, Tony has explored every medium and developed his own style. Tony’s favorite medium is mosaic tiles and he enjoys the creative process. At times, Tony strategically places his tiles to create patterns and shapes; other times, he lets the mosaic tiles speak for themselves. His work ethic is beyond beyond incredible, setting aside time each day to work on his mosaics.

Sean is an artist of distinct talent. He discovered his talents for drawing at an early age and works on his craft diligently. Sean is also a writer and poet and finds this form of self-expression cathartic.  Along with his writings, Sean’s art dives into emotions and fears, successes and setbacks. He works with pen and ink on paper and canvas with subject matters ranging from superheroes to architecture. Outside of art and writing, Sean enjoys reading and spending time with his son.

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