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Moving Images 2020 Featured Artist

Each year, Vinfen’s Moving Image Film Festival features a piece of art from one of the incredibly talented artists working at a Vinfen arts-based vocational program. This year’s piece is by Art Connection Studio artist Jane Blakeley.


Jane Blakeley is a lifelong Hartford resident and a fill-time artist at Art Connection Studio, which is a community art center and gallery in affiliation with Vinfen Connecticut. Jane describes herself as a happy and joyful person, especially when she is making art. Her favorite modality is painting. She also enjoys sewing in the fiber arts studio and jewelry-making. Jane draws inspiration from her mother, who was born in Brooklyn, New York. She recalls facing childhood challenges and trauma of which she worked through by finding employment in house cleaning and with the United States National Guard as a dishwasher.

The fear of being judged, or being different, is something that hasn’t held Jane back but rather pushed her forward. For this, Jane expresses her gratitude for the opportunity she has found here at Vinfen where she is able to focus on positive aspects of her life by exploring her creativity and being productive in her art-making process.