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Please join us for these special events, community education opportunities, and fundraising initiatives to benefit the people that Vinfen serves.

You can sponsor, participate in, or volunteer to be part of the community and fundraising events.


Vinfen’s Moving Images Film Festival, held each March, draws 500 advocates, families, professionals, and those with lived experience. The Festival highlights captivating films about psychiatric conditions, developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and/or behavioral health challenges and includes expert panel discussions. By supporting our film festival, you help us educate our community and shine a spotlight on the abilities of people living with disabilities. For more information, click here.


Vinfen hosts two annual Family Celebrations each year.

The Massachusetts Celebration of Family Partnerships takes place annually in the fall, bringing together 300 family members and advocates. For more information, click here.

The Connecticut Family Celebration takes place annually in the spring, bringing together more than 100 family members and supporters.

Both events celebrate the extraordinary and selfless care families provide for their loved ones. The events also honor Vinfen employees who work closely with families every day.


Each year, teams of Vinfen staff, supporters, and people we serve run together in the annual Run-4-Life relay from Hull to Provincetown. The event raises awareness about the health disparities often faced by people with psychiatric conditions. The Run-4-Life is an opportunity to be part of a community event that encourages fitness. We invite you to sponsor Vinfen’s Run-4-Life to support health enhancing efforts for those most at risk.


The Friends of Metro Boston is a unique partnership between Vinfen and the Massachusetts Metro Boston Area Office of the Department of Mental Health, which engages a host of volunteers to provide enriching events for individuals with psychiatric conditions. The Friends provide activities including a pre-Thanksgiving Day luncheon serving about 600 people, major celebrations for significant holidays, recreational leagues for softball and basketball, and special outings such as fishing trips in Massachusetts Bay. Each year the Friends programs touch over 1,000 individuals in the Metro Boston area, providing the types of recreational and social activities which otherwise would not be available to the participating individuals. You can help by donating you time, or make donations of cash or goods and services which support these events and activities.