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Human Rights Committees

At Vinfen, we believe that as we provide excellent services, it is essential that we safeguard the human and civil rights of the people we serve.

To do this, we support nine Human Rights Committees who continuously monitor our services, activities, trainings, and protocols to ensure that our staff recognize, protect, and promote the rights of people we serve.


Do you have a passion for promoting and protecting the human and civil rights of people with psychiatric conditions, intellectual and developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and behavioral health challenges? Are you interested in learning more about the laws and practices involved in protecting human rights? Are you looking for a way to use your expertise or common sense to help people we serve? If so, we encourage you to join one of Vinfen’s Human Rights Committees.

Our Human Rights Committees advise Vinfen as we develop policies and implement practices to ensure we are protecting Human Rights. Committees are facilitated by Vinfen Regional Directors, but staffed by volunteers with varied backgrounds and expertise. Committee members may include people we serve, their family members, guardians, and advocates. We also encourage physicians, nurses, psychologists, masters level practitioners, attorneys, paralegals, or law students to join. No committee member is allowed to have an administrative or financial connection to Vinfen. Committees meet four times a year for approximately two hours.

For detailed information, download this guide on Vinfen Human Rights Committee Members Roles and Responsibilities.

Vinfen has six Human Rights Committees that protect the human and civil rights of people who receive Mental Health Services:

  • Metro Boston
  • Cambridge/Somerville
  • Northeast Area (meets in Lawrence)
  • Plymouth
  • Cape Cod (meets in Hyannis)


Vinfen has three Human Rights Committees that protect the human and civil rights of individuals who receive Intellectual and Developmental Disability and Brain Injury Services:

  • Metro Boston (meets in Cambridge)
  • North Shore (meets in Peabody)
  • South Shore (meets in Weymouth)


For more information or to join a Vinfen Human Rights Committee, please contact Rossana Batson at 617-441-1784 or