Vinfen Behavioral Health (VBH) is committed to ensuring the best quality of care for our clients. We take a person-centered approach by actively listening to our clients, giving clients and family supports an opportunity to be heard and share their feedback, and using that feedback to create meaningful, positive changes to the clinic. We believe that client input is integral to building an environment that best meets the needs of the communities we serve.

One way we ensure active client involvement is through our VBH Advisory Council, which was developed to engage clients, family members or other supports, staff, and local advocates in discussions about the clinic and their personal behavioral health and substance use experiences.

During each council meeting, members are invited to share their perspectives on VBH and its programs and services as well as anything else they would like to share in a welcoming and supportive environment. The VBH Advisory Council seeks input from members on a variety of initiatives and projects such as staff trainings, policies and procedures, and new programs and opportunities – all which will enhance the success of VBH’s clinical services. The council then works to translate member feedback into meaningful policy and programmatic changes.


Vinfen encourages all clients, family members or other supports, and local community leaders and advocates to join the VBH Advisory Council. Benefits of council participation include:

  • Gaining new skills and knowledge while learning from other members’ experiences
  • Learning how to become behavioral health and substance use disorder advocates
  • Providing open and honest feedback about VBH in an encouraging and welcoming forum
  • Making a positive difference for all clients by contributing to necessary improvements and changes within VBH
  • Receiving a $25 gift card for each council meeting attended

If you are interested in joining the council, please complete and return the VBH Advisory Council Application Form. Completed forms can be sent via email to [email protected], via fax to 978-441-9826, or by mail or in person to Vinfen Behavioral Health Lowell, located at 40 Church Street in Lowell, MA.

For more information on the VBH Advisory Council, click here.

Should you have any additional questions, please call 978-674-6744 or email [email protected].