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At Vinfen, we are dedicated to providing services that combine the very best evidence-based practices with the most innovative, effective interventions. To achieve this, we partner with leading academic institutions, health care organizations, information technology companies, foundations, and other funding agencies to develop and evaluate novel solutions to the challenges of the people we serve.

To accomplish these goals, Vinfen actively engages in strategic partnerships and alliances. If you have any questions or would like further information about partnering, please contact Elizabeth Cella, Director of Project Management, at 617-441-1747 or

To learn more about our innovation services and projects, check out the links below.

One Care Services

Since March 2014, Vinfen has operated a One Care Health Home, which provides integrated care management of medical, behavioral health and Long Term Services and Support needs for people with psychiatric conditions, many of whom have co-occurring medical and/or substance use disorders. We contract with Commonwealth Care Alliance to provide these One Care services to individuals enrolled in Adult Community Clinical Services (ACCS) and/or Clubhouse services in the Boston, Cambridge/Somerville, Weymouth, Plymouth and Northeast Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH) catchment areas.

Our One Care team consists of RNs, LMHCs and Health Outreach Workers (HOWs) who focus care coordination efforts on expanding member access to care, improving health outcomes, reducing unnecessary use of acute care services and eliminating unnecessary health care costs. Central to strong care management, we create and operate individual care teams for each member, including all health care providers and others significant to a member to support the completion of goals and to enhance independent functioning in the community.

Dartmouth Health Self Management Study

The Dartmouth Health Self Management Study is a 5-year randomized controlled trial study in partnership with Dartmouth College and Bay Cove Human Services, compares health service delivery models for people with psychiatric conditions and significant medical health diagnoses. We are comparing ACCS, ACCS plus a dedicated health outreach worker who provides Integrated Illness Management and Recovery interventions, and ACCS plus an automated telehealth based service. The study aims to evaluate the impact of each service model on individuals’ medical and behavioral health outcomes with 300 clients from both Vinfen and Bay Cove in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, and the Metro Suburban South regions.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Fostering Effective Integration

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Fostering Effective Integration program is a 3-year grant initiative which seeks to evaluate the impact of health and wellness services on personal health, accessibility of healthcare, and healthcare costs. To this end, we have integrated two HOWs and an innovative health and wellness smartphone app (in partnership with tech company Wellframe) into an existing community-based behavioral health team in Plymouth. The HOWs help increase access to healthcare, improve health self-management, and decrease use of unnecessary acute care services. The people we serve use the app to learn about healthy lifestyle behaviors, coping strategies, and to enhance engagement in health and treatment activities.

Integrated Smoking Cessation Treatment for Smokers with Serious Mental Illness

The Integrated Smoking Cessation Treatment for Smokers with Serious Mental Illness study is a 5-year double-blinded-random-cluster-control-trial conducted  in partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Bay Cove Human Services funded by Person Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). Interventions offered to participants to support efforts to quit smoking include Academic Detailing provided by MGH clinical staff to participant Primary Care Providers, individual work with Certified Community Health Workers trained as Tobacco Specialists and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy groups. The project enrolled approximately 1,200 clients from both Vinfen and Bay Cove Human Services in the Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, and Northeast regions.


The Vaping Instead of Smoking Tobacco Assessment (VISTA) study is a federally funded randomized controlled trial which evaluates the appeal and impact of e-cigarettes in smokers with serious mental illness. Dartmouth College has collaborated with Vinfen and Seven Counties in Louisville Kentucky to enroll 240 smokers. Vinfen offers this study in the Northeast and Metro Suburban regions.

Fit Forward

The Fit Forward Lifestyle Study was developed by researchers at Dartmouth College and funded by the National Institute of Mental Health. It is being conducted in partnership with Vinfen, Mass Mental Health Center, and Bay Cove Human Services. Fit Forward compares 2 new programs designed to help young adults (18-35) with psychiatric conditions look and feel better. Both programs are lead by lifestyle coaches; one is conducted along with other young adults and the other is one-on-one with the coach. Over the course of one year, everyone in Fit Forward receives support from lifestyle coaches and uses popular technologies like Fitbits to help track goals and results.

Mozzaz Pilot

Vinfen has partnered with Mozzaz, a digital health company specializing in patient engagement technology, to conduct a six month pilot program that will look at the use of tablet devices to track data and manage digital care plans with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Implementation focuses on behavior and attendance tracking and task analysis through tablet devices instead of the current paper based systems. The second pilot implementation will focus on providing a digital care plan, including communication support, for people Vinfen serves with verbal communication difficulties. The people we serve will receive customized care utilizing this mobile intervention model.

Hills Food Project

In 2009, Executive Order 509 established nutrition standards for food purchased and served by state agencies. Concurrently, Vinfen conducted a review of how we support staff and the people we serve in their efforts to select, purchase, prepare, and eat healthy food and as a result developed the Food and Nutrition Program. This initiative includes the delivery of healthy foods by Hills Home Market and education around healthy eating and active living. Hills Home Market provides high quality, pre-portioned, and healthy food at reasonable costs delivered directly to the programs. Education takes place in the programs with discussions, demonstrations and active participation in healthy behaviors.

reSET Pilot

Vinfen has partnered with PEAR Therapeutics, the leader in prescription digital therapeutics, to offer a pilot program to people served by ACCS with substance use disorders. The reSET application is downloaded on a person’s personal smart phone and used for 6 -12 weeks. People complete lessons that combine psycho-education and goal achievement to help self manage their recovery. The reSET app continues client’s engagement outside of regular sessions by using the app to provide therapy and treatment goals between in person sessions.  Substance Addiction Counselors have access via a dashboard to follow progress and expand their capacity to offer individualized care for each person served.

Past Projects

Community Based Health Homes for Adults with Serious Mental Illness

Technology Enhanced Service Delivery for young adults with Serious Mental Illness