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Vinfen offers a variety of outpatient prevention, intervention, and treatment services to help people with emotional or behavioral issues, mental illness, or substance use concerns regain their health, work toward recovery, and reclaim their lives.

We provide comprehensive evidence-based interventions and services tailored to fit your needs. Services include assessment and evaluation, individual and/or group therapy, consultation, psychological testing, substance use counseling, behavior management, and psychopharmacology.


As of October 1, 2020, Vinfen’s outpatient clinics have changed their names as they have formally merged under one license to enhance service integration, access, and quality-of-care for the people we serve throughout the region.

  • People Care Clinic is now Vinfen Behavioral Health Lawrence
  • Community and Family Counseling Services (CFCS) is now Vinfen Behavioral Health Lowell

Massachusetts Mental Health Center

Vinfen provides licensed, professional staff to support the state-operated Continuing Care outpatient services at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center in Boston. These services provide psychiatric treatment to over 1,200 people each year and include individual, group and family therapy, case coordination, crisis intervention, psychopharmocology, and day programming.


Vinfen offers integrated care coordination services for MassHealth enrollees with psychiatric conditions, behavioral health challenges, and substance use disorders. Our multidisciplinary care teams partner with MassHealth enrollees to meet their health and wellness goals while working collaboratively with healthcare providers and community-based organizations to better support enrollee needs. Vinfen offers community-based care coordination services as a member organization of Community Care Partners.