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At Vinfen, most of our Mental Health Services are only available to people who are eligible to receive support through the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH). These services include: Residential Services, Employment Services, Young Adult Services, Homeless Services, and Behavioral Health Services at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center.

To be approved for services through DMH, a person must have a qualifying psychiatric condition as the primary disorder that requires on-going treatment and must meet functional impairment and illness duration criteria. For more information on the criteria that is evaluated for DMH service authorization, please click here. To access an application for DMH Service Authorization, please click here. Once a person is receives DMH service authorization, they will then refer the person to specific service(s), which may or may not be operated by Vinfen, based on the person’s assessed needs and location, etc. For more information about the DMH Service Authorization Process, call the DMH Information and Referral Line at 1-800-221-0053 or visit their website.

Some of Vinfen’s Mental Health services are able to be accessed by self-referral. These services include: Clubhouses, Recovery Learning Centers, and Behavioral Health Services through our People Care Clinic.

Clubhouses are available to anyone who is eligible to receive services through the DMH. If a person is ineligible for DMH services, they may apply for Clubhouse services directly at the Clubhouse they would like to attend.

All services, groups, classes, and activities at Vinfen’s Recovery Learning Centers are open to people who identify as having a psychiatric condition. Services are free of charge.

Vinfen’s People Care Clinic provides psychiatric outpatient services through a variety of health insurance providers, primarily to Vinfen clients. Private Pay and other funding sources are also possible.

For more information about eligibility and services, contact Kelly Rizoli  at 617-441-1894 or