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Here at Vinfen, we provide services designed for you and your family. Our wide range of services support the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as autism, visual and hearing impairments, and physical disabilities. Learn more about these services and how to enter these programs below.

At Vinfen, we are dedicated to creating innovative and genuine opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We achieve this by partnering with individuals, their families, their providers, their employers, and their communities to help the individual receive the services they need to achieve their goals, and attain the highest level of independence.

Currently, we support nearly 1,000 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in 80 service settings located throughout eastern Massachusetts.

Vinfen’s person-centered approach is tailored to individual and family needs and circumstances. These services allow each individual to receive specialized support enabling each individual to thrive and achieve his or her goals.  Vinfen’s primary form of teaching intervention for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities has been Positive Behavior Support, which we implemented in 2006, as one of the first organizations in Massachusetts to do so.

Beginning July 1, 2018, Vinfen will offer Long Term Services and Supports Community Partner Services to MassHealth enrollees with intellectual and developmental disabilities, behavioral health challenges, and brain injuries as a member of LTSS Care Partners.



Family Services provide assistance so individuals can live at home with their families. We provide flexible options so that families can direct the care that fits their family needs best.


Residential Services provide individuals with a safe, comfortable, and a supported place to call home. We offer a range of residential services, with varying levels of support, to fit your needs.


Day services give individuals an opportunity to develop skills to achieve their goals and to attain the highest possible level of independence.

Day Services Reopening Memo (7.15.20): please note that the process of reopening is fluid and ongoing. Please refer to the latest updates for more information.


Employment Services give individuals the support they need to enhance their work-related skills through community-based vocational training and employment opportunities.


Our Intellectual and Developmental Disability Services are funded through a variety of sources.

Private Pay and other funding sources are also possible.