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Family Support Services assist individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities living with their families through flexible options that are directed by the family.

Creating strong partnerships between Vinfen and the individuals we serve and their families is a top priority for Vinfen and is critical to the work that we do. Families deserve respect and are an important resource of information, guidance, and valuable insight into running our agency and how best to support their family members. We believe individuals and families should be part of the decision process when it comes to caring for a loved one.


The Family Support Center at Vinfen empowers and educates families who are supporting a loved one with an intellectual or developmental disability. Families can access resources such as:

  • Information and referral including Educational Advocacy
  • Service navigation
  • Family trainings
  • Parent-to-parent networking
  • Community connection and resources
  • Administration of flexible funding

For more information, visit our Family Support Center.


Vinfen’s Respite Supports provide short-term care for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These supports give families a break from care giving and create opportunities for primary caregivers to manage personal affairs and have time away. Respite can be hourly or include extended coverage and overnight care in the home of the individual.


At Vinfen, individual and families are empowered to take charge over the types of support they need. Vinfen partners with individuals and families to provide this self-directed support through the Agency with Choice service model. Agency with Choice is a funding model, offered by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services. The model encourages the individuals and their families to be directly involved with managing their care. Vinfen is an experienced Agency with Choice provider and partners with families to hire the staff they choose to provide their services, and train and manage that staff person to support their loved one in a way that fits the family structure.