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HIV Community Outreach Services provide people living with HIV the support, services, and treatment they want and need so they can take charge of their health and wellness and achieve their goals.

Through friendly, proactive, solution-driven support, Vinfen’s HIV Community Outreach Services help people get medical services, home health services, counseling services, substance addiction treatment services, social services, and immigration services in Boston, MA.

We help people in need of residential services by working closely with the Boston Housing Authority and other housing agencies to provide long-term affordable housing to clients. Also, we offer peer support services and help people who are interested in furthering their education or finding employment.

Our team of highly-dedicated staff partner with the people we serve, their families, their support network, and their medical team to instill hope by helping to identify meaningful life goals and gain mastery over behaviors that have had a negative impact on their lives. Staff is available who speak English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole.

To apply and interview for HIV Community Outreach services please contact Keith Pratt at 617-445-2908 or