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Vinfen’s Residential Services give people with psychiatric conditions a place to call home as they build skills needed to gain greater independence.

Vinfen offers a wide range of short- and long-term, service-enriched housing to people with psychiatric conditions. This range offers varying levels of assistance from supported independent living to highly-intensive residential settings.

We work with people to obtain housing that is integrated with other services through our Community Based Flexible Supports, Clubhouses, and our HIV Community Outreach Services.


Supported Housing services provide people with periodic support from Vinfen staff while they live independently or with family or friends in their own house or apartment. Staff visit the person’s home to address daily living and other needs. Subsidies may be available to help make housing affordable.


Cooperative Housing is available to people with psychiatric conditions who choose to live with others or are awaiting independent housing. This service helps clients attain the skills and confidence needed to live happy and productive lives. Cooperative Housing settings vary in size. Most often, 8 people live together in a house with staff available 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. These services focus on creating a home environment, fostering social connections, friendships, and involvement within the community.


Our Intensive Residential Services provide people with a safe, comfortable, group home while they work to address specific barriers they face to living independently. Vinfen’s staff partner with family members, guardians, and other providers to help people achieve their personal goals and build the skills needed for greater independence. Staff help people manage responsibilities of daily life, including meal planning and preparation, transportation to medical appointments, managing personal finances as well as fostering social connections, friendships, and community membership while respecting and celebrating the individual’s culture, strengths, and contributions.


Respite Services are available for people who need short-term support and housing. These services provide a safe and comfortable place for people in crisis or in need of temporary housing.




Vinfen’s Residential Services support people with psychiatric conditions as they develop skills and gain resources for a successful life in their community. Vinfen offers a wide range of short- and long-term, service-enriched housing. Our services are designed to be flexible according to each person’s unique needs and goals. Vinfen offers varying levels of assistance from supported independent living to highly-intensive residential settings.


Learn more about Vinfen’s residential services for people with psychiatric conditions and see first-hand how we partner with the people we serve, their families, and their loved ones everyday.