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Peer Specialist

At Vinfen, we value those with lived experience as vital members of our community based, residential, and clubhouse teams. While we encourage those with lived experience to apply to all positions there are many positions, which are specifically designed to use lived experience in the most constructive way possible to inspire independence among the people we serve.

The key requirement for our peer positions is lived experience. At Vinfen we define lived experience as personal, first-hand experience being a recipient of the mental health system, which encompasses experiences such as psychiatric inpatient hospitalization, outpatient services/therapy, substance addiction/misuse services, experience with psychiatric medications, and/or participating in mental health groups in the community.  While a formal mental health diagnosis is not required, your intent when engaging in mental health services is to improve your mental health, not the health of a loved one.

Lastly, these positions require staff to share personal experiences with the people we serve and staff, and to be well along in one’s recovery so as to be able to manage one’s health and emotions in a wide variety of different and sometimes difficult situations.

ACCS Lead Peer Specialist

The ACCS Lead Peer Specialist provides leadership to team members with lived experience in order to promote the functioning and full integration of adults receiving psychiatric rehabilitation services into their communities. As an ACCS Lead Peer Specialist you ensure that each Persons Served will receive relevant and well suited services that they need by acting a liaison between team Peer Specialists and other clinical team members.

ACCS Peer Specialist

The ACCS Peer Specialist promotes the engagement, hope and the full integration and functioning of adults with receiving psychiatric rehabilitation services needed to live successfully in the community. As an ACCS Peer Specialist you will provide Peer Support Services and help Persons Served explore their options and gain the confidence, skills, and resources needed to succeed in goals.

PACT Peer Support Specialist

The PACT Peer Support Specialist works as part of the Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) multidisciplinary team and has experience as the recipient of mental health services for severe and persistent mental illness and is willing to use and share his or her personal, practical experience, knowledge, and first-hand insight to benefit the team and its person served. The PACT Peer Support Specialist functions as a fully integrated team member to provide expertise about the recovery process, symptom management, and the persistence required by persons served to have a satisfying life.


Our Recovery Learning Centers (RLCs) are run entirely for and by people with lived experience of psychiatric conditions and/or substance misuse; people who been there and want to help others recover.  Our RLCs provide peer services for people in recovery from psychiatric conditions and/or substance misuse. Everyone is welcomed at Vinfen RLCs.

To learn more and apply, visit and search Job Opportunities filtering on Area of Interest “Peer Worker – Lived Experience”.